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A rich media platform and online community of users. Share, watch and upload videos, GIFs, memes and viral rich media.

Price$19 K
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Online ecommerce platform selling clothes and fashion items. Customer accounts come with device sync, AI sizing assistance and AR features.

Price$30 K
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A leading weather forecast application. It keeps its users up-to-date with a host of weather readings for any part of the world.


Connects property owners and hosts who want to rent their homes with travellers and tourists looking for a place to stay.

Price$19 K
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Global route planner and tracker for outdoor activities like running, walking and cycling. Content includes photos and reviews from millions of users.

Price$12 K
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Online retailer and marketplace with a huge variety of products. Features include barcode scanning, user reviews, save and compare and order tracking.

Price$44 K
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Amazon Alexa

Artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant using voice recognition for playing music, remembering dates, supplying news, setting alarms and other commands to linked devices.

Price$10 K
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Amazon Kindle

An ebook, newspaper and magazine reader for use on mobile devices. Access to a library of documents and publications with adjustable fonts, plus images and audio.

Price$15 K
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Amazon Music

Digital music platform for streaming and downloading. Offers access to songs, audiobooks, playlists, stations and voice control.

Price$25 K
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Android Auto

Mirrors an Android device for a vehicle's dashboard screen. Gives drivers a fully enabled Android device.

Price$17 K
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